(Not so) Monthly Favourites.

We’re still in the Post-Grad editions folks. I swear this will be over soon.

  1. Spotify App. I honestly love this. It’s worth paying £4.00 for, seeing as my mp3 player is actually about 7 years old.
  2. My student card. I’m really gonna miss all my discounts (see above…)
  3. Creations aromatic. As mentioned in a previous post, humans are the only animals to alter the smell of their environment. I do it with Creations. They are supposed to last around 10 hours but mine have all lasted way longer. I like the blueberry one.
  4. LUSH Shampoo bars. This year I have only spent £11.50 on shampoo. Here’s the thing. £5.75 is a lot for a bar of shampoo, I’ll admit. But it lasts about 5 or 6 times longer than regular bottles. And my hair is loooong. It needs a lot of shampoo. I’m just a huge fan. It’s so worth it. I like the one that smells like honey.
  5. Mindfulness colouring books. Colouring books for adults. I’m in the middle of my dissertation and they are so therapeutic and relaxing. I think their perfect for anyone with a stressful lifestyle. It’s a great way to just switch off and not think about anything for 10 minutes.
  6. Kale chips. I know, I’m vile. I have baked leaf as a snack. But trust me. Get a baking sheet and line it grease proof paper. Put loads of kale on it, add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and then go nuts. I like vinegar, salt and pepper, but you can try lemon or chipotle or whatever. Bake them at 180oC for about ten minutes until they’re about to turn brownish and eat. Delicious.
  7. Dogs. I am a dog walker. Try Holidogs to do a similar things. Earn money to walk cute pooches. Win win!
  8. Snyders Pretzel pieces. Hot buffalo wing flavour will rock your world. You can thank me later.
  9. Moleskin journals. I’ve spent most of my adult life wanting one and now I finally have a glorious red one. I love it.
  10. Planning. I’m finally going on the trip of my dreams and doing the Pacific Coast Highway in a caravan! Anyone who has been following this blog since I first started posting will know what a big deal this is to me, and I’m hugely excited to head off.

As always tag me in your monthly favourites because I love reading them! Peace xx