Lisbon in 3

I took three snaps on my last trip to Lisbon which constantly remind me of how much I love the place. To check out things to do I wrote a post about a year ago that you should check out.

Praca do comercio at sunset

I stayed here for a good hour watching the sun go down. There’s such a great atmosphere there at golden hour, people play music, they blow giant bubbles and it’s generally just a lovely place to spend an evening.


The view from the Museu da cerveja.


Padrao de Descobrimentos


Belem is a cultural hub. Spend an afternoon here soaking up the culture and eating multiple pasteis de nata in a beautiful park.



I suppose a small introduction is necessary. I’m Kirsty,  I’m 21 and I’m a a student in my penultimate year of a Hispanic Studies degree. Last year I went to Ceuta, which is a teeny tiny part of Spain which borders Morocco, however this year I’ve had the good fortune to be working in Portugal’s capital and Europe’s cheapest capital – Lisbon!!

I was given a few days to travel about, and from the looks of things it might be one of the last chances I get to properly explore, as my hostel is pretty competitive. These some pictures I have taken on my wanderings around here. I’ll try and update as much as I can, but it really depends on the time scale of things!!


As some of you might know from my original travel blog (click the picture to go to it if you don’t!) I quite like these love lock images. I found this little pair on the railings of the Tower of Belem (Torre de Belém). If you buy a train card in Lisbon do not through it away!! Re-charge it and you can get on the tower for the cost of a train journey, which is about one euro. If not, it’s five euros, but it really is worth. Boarding a rickety elevator maybe isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it is a step back in time and lifts your spirits (ho ho ho…) The tower was built to join the lower areas of Lisbon with Barrio Alto – which is now the Bohemian centre of Lisbon, and the Capital’s popular night-life zone. Once you are up the tower I would suggest you climb the spiral steps (carefully) and head straight to the tops to see staggering views of the whole of Lisbon. I went at around 2pm on a sunny day, but I plan on going back at dusk.


These are some snaps from the tower:

< To the river

To the old church >



The old church is one of the oldest buildings in Lisbon. In the earthquake that hit Iberia in 1755 it was one of the only buildings that remained intact. The Portuguese realised that it was because of the inner and outer arches, which made the foundations and form of the building a lot stronger. They used this as a stepping stone to modern earthquake proof buildings! 

Until two years ago the Portuguese guitar was only allowed to be played by Portuguese men. I know, right? However, to commemorate the abolishment of this law the government put these strange things all around the city

DSCN1140If you are ever in Lisbon (and if you are hit me up) have a look out for these. Each one is different. I’m not sure how many there are here but I think I’m going to make it a mission to find all of them. I’ve seen two so far. The other one had blue fishnets on with little fish in them.

Seeing as the abolishment of this law some time ago now I’m not sure why these things are still up? Not complaining, I love all things quirky. Answers on a postcard please!

There’s some pretty interesting graffiti around where this picture was taken. There is a mural which is government protected which shows the story of Portugal, and the myths and legends (and facts) of how it’s traditions came to be. It’s near Morreria (there is almost definitely a spelling mistake there) and well worth a gander if you are near by. 

And finally, I leave you with two things.

1) There is currently a production of Macbeth showing. Coincidence?

2) The cat on a hot pink roof!!


If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to fire away!