The Backpacker Workout

After a 3 week trip around Iberia I’ve managed to shed a (tiny) bit of exam weight. I can’t imagine it’s through the strict diet of wine, port, beer, and prawns in garlic I stuck to religiously, so I reflected on my exercise regime whilst away. I jotted down some handy hints to help you with your travelling weight loss.

  1. The Deadlift – Popular with crossfitters. Lay your rucksack on the floor, and any time the person you are with says they are ready to leave, heave it onto your back in a standing position. Hold for 10 seconds until you realise they are not ready. Put it down and repeat as many times as necessary. Particularly good for the lats and quads.
  2. The “Imfurst” Sprint – Good cardio. Wait outside your dorm room with your shower stuff until someone comes out of the bathroom, then sprint in before anyone else can.
  3. The “Imfurst” Sprint Variation – Good for footwork practise. While two people are standing in line but not pay attention, side step past them at great speed into the bathroom.
  4. The Ab Weave – Particularly good for the abs and obliques. Weave through crowds of people at popular tourist locations. Try and keep your top half as still as possible for full comedic and muscle toning effect.
  5. Hitchers Arm exercises – Triceps and biceps (obviously). Walk along roads (safely) with your arm out to hitchhike. Lightly bounce your arm to add a more dynamic quality to your workout.
  6. The Lost Marathon – General cardio and leg workout. Get hopelessly lost. Walk at a slightly agitated and panicked pace for 3+ hours until you know where you are.
  7. The High Jump – Gluts and precision coordination. Enter the sea while the wave are quite strong. Try not to drown by jumping through them. Potentially dangerous but quite exhilarating and tiring

So take these tips, good travellers. Stay healthy abroad.


Author: Kirsty

24, severe wanderlust

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