Glasgow at a Glance pt. 2!

_41754302_marditonea416Once again I turn to my friends to help me make the most of my last few months in Glasgow. Today we feature one of the first friends I made at university Leslie, who is 22. He currently works at The Nancy Smillie Shop, located in the heart of Glasgow’s West End.

Best place for a first date?

Would honestly recommend any of the coffee shops around the Byres Road, they all offer something a bit different and have a really nice, relaxed atmosphere. Avenue G is to name but one.

Avenue G just had a wee vamp of their menu as well! They have a good system in which you can buy one of their travel cups and get a free coffee or tea! But you’re right, most of the shops along Byres Road offer a little bit of privacy but aren’t too intimate, though Avenue G does often get quite busy up top!

Best place for a cheap meal?

Black Rabbit, Great Western Road. Why have Two for Tuesdays when you can have Three for Tuesdays? It may not seem like much but it does great food and sides and drinks included you can easily feed three people for under a tenner.

I will say I’ve visited the Black Rabbit (though very late at night) and was underwhelmed! I might have to reconsider things now….

Best place to go all out/best night?

For a night out, The Polo Lounge has always been a great night. A cheap drinks (£1.50 for pretty much a measure of anything) through the week and free entry all weekend if you’re there early enough. Has 2 great dance floors and an adjoining cocktail bar, with some decent entertainment some nights; all in all, a great place for a few (or a lot) of drinks.

I’m a huge fan of Polo’s tea pot cocktails. And prices. And music. And their naked butlers. Ok, I’m just a huge Polo fan.

Best place to go with your S/O’s parents?

The Grosvenor (Ashton Lane). Great refurbished cinema, fully licensed with bar, restaurant, and the novelty of being able to take the bottle of wine you got with dinner into a movie never gets old. It’s a great place to go if even just for dinner, especially if the steak is still anywhere near as good.

I usually take wine into the cinema regardless but it’s nice when it’s legal to do so… Their pulled pork burgers are amazing and if you have the SR app which I mentioned in my last blog you can get cheap cocktails during the week!  Orange Wednesdays also work in the cinema there.

Hidden gems?

Tchai-Ovna, Otago Lane. Idyllic tea house hidden in one of Glasgow’s lanes, Has a huge selection of teas, shisha pipes for those inclined, and hugely tasty vegan friendly nibbles – a relaxing place to go and sit hour for ages with a book or do some work.

Dammit, this was my hidden gem! I almost considered deleting this and forging Leslie’s response as I like it so much here. The teas are fairly expensive, bu the food is very cheap and delicious! There’s a great atmosphere inside as well, perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

A place you couldn’t pay me to go to.

Ashoka. Don’t do it. It has good variety, but there are far better places for curry and the like in Glasgow, such as Shish Mahal on Park Road (Kelvinbridge), had amazing food and is decently priced for the quality. Mother India is also always a safe bet, if a tad on the pricey side.

Ashoka has some good lunchtime deals, but Leslie is right, there are better and more authentic places to go! Like the Shish Mahal, which holds a special place in my heart. Get their Chicken Chasni. It’s divine. I think they know me there actually….

A huge thank you to Leslie for his little guide to Glasgow. Again, if any of you think that your favourite place is not being represented drop me a line answering the questions above and I’ll include your opinions!


Author: Kirsty

24, severe wanderlust

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