Glasgow at a glance

Being in your final year of university really clips your wings, travelwise. You can do all the money saving tips you can, but deadlines and coursework are always going to get in the way. So I’ve decided to get to know my own city better.

ImageI currently live in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest (but not capital…) city. 2014 is going to be a great time to be in Glasgow. The Commonwealth games, the VMAs, and Radio One’s big weekend are all held here this year! So if you’re gonna head here at some point make it this summer, especially if you’re interested in free ticket festivals.

I have lived here, on and off, for five years now, and I have found myself stuck within my comfort zone. So I made a small questionnaire and circulated it amongst some very kind people (to whom I now owe a beverage) to get some different places to go. This may turn into a mini series, it depends how many replies I get!

The first and very prompt response was my festival friend Kerry, who is a 22 year old working towards a BA Hons in Visual Arts at Glasgow Kelvin College and lives in the West End (a wise choice indeed). I asked her seven questions about Glasgow hot spots to which only a couple of our answers were the same. Great minds and all that. She has a very interesting project coming up which has had a lot of attention on social media sites, I think Gordon Ramsey has even participated. People are asked to send in a post-it with a drawing of their image of Scotland. You can do so too! until opening night in Kelvin College on March 6th 2014, and will remain open until the 14th – you should all check it out!

Best place for a first date?

I’ve always imagined The Stand on a Red Raw night would be perfect! You’ve got the intervals and the start to chat and work out if you like the person but then if it’s going badly you’ve got comedy acts performing so you don’t need to talk!

My first date with my current boyfriend was to Cafe Anduluz. It went really well, I think the tapas dishes make for conversation and sharing made it intimate but not weird. Plus great atmosphere and West End staff are awesome. We’re now regulars!

My answer to this was essentially the same. Tuesday nights or “Red Raw” at the Stand are always a great mix of cringe and entertainment. It’s so cheap and fun. I’m also a huge fan of Cafe Andaluz. Check their website as they usually have a deal on!

Best place for a cheap meal?

Cocktail & Burger on Sauchihall Street! £5 lunch deal with bottomless soft drink! Plus 10% for students and if you have the SRC app on your phone. They used to do 2 for 1.. but I have a feeling they’ve stopped. Really cool atmosphere and they showcase local art students too.

While I’m fundamentally against the SRC app (even though I have one and use it) I can’t really turn my nose up at a place that cheap!

Best place to go all out/best night?

I like a cheesy, cheap and cheerful night out… Bamboo!! Love a bit of horrible R ‘n’ B with some classic cheese thrown in.

Bamboo is definitely cheap and cheerful! Try Disco Badger on Fridays for some truly awful great tunes. Just don’t sign up to anything because they text you all the time and make you feel like you have friends.

Best place to go with your significant others parents?

Kelvingrove Art Gallery! If you’re struggling with conversation you can just pretend you’re really into a piece of art… and it’s usually pretty PC so not much to be offended by if you want to make a good impression.

Good advice and a good location, it’s a stunning building! Plus it’s free 😀

Best place to go with children?

I am stumped……… I took my sister to Scotstoun to see Glasgow Warriors and that was pretty fun! Science Centre still entertains me so that would be good fun!

When I was little I remember that the Science Centre was a big event. An adult can get in for just under a tenner and kids and students are obviously cheaper! 

Hidden gems?

The Flying Duck! Just across from the Cineworld. They do life drawing classes on a Tuesday evening and Jazz on a Thursday! Pretty neat huh.

Bajo. A really god awful shooters bar on Bath Street. It’s so bad, but so cheap and because not many people know of it or like it you get served so quickly!! Pornstars are my fave. And the staff are really chatty and when you start spending too much money they start to bring your drinks to your table. lawl.

Cafe Anduluz. I’m not sure it’s a hidden Gem.. but it’s my favourite restaurant, tapas baby.

I only recently discovered the Flying Duck! It’s a great wee gem, they have lots of board games as well, which can usually be turned into drinking games. I’ve never heard of Bajo, but that’s the reason I had this idea! I need to get down there…

A place you couldn’t pay me to go to.

Southside – my nemesis

Yeahh, the Southside isn’t great. Venture over the the Citz theatre though! And Campus… well it’s “a frat house” it’s cheap and crap, but don’t knock it till you try it! (Though you probably will knock it after anyways.

So a big thank you to Kerry! Go and check out her Post it project or send one in yourselves!

If anyone here is from Glasgow or knows it well and thinks that they can also do it justice please let me know in the comments!


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