Next stop?


I’ve been working on the Isle of Lewis for over a month now to reimburse myself for some of the money spent on travelling there. People try and get a bit wide in the cafe where I work and tip in Canadian dollars (it happens more than you’d expect) so joke’s on them. A word of advice – make sure you’r tipping in the correct and legal tender for where you are…

 I’ve got a few stopovers on my way to Canada, but my flights were pretty cheap. I used STA Travel to book/find my flights. They are a great website for student/under 26 travel, but they usually find the best deals for all ages. I’ve used them a lot to book cheap trips and they were very helpful when I had to book an emergency trip back home in May (my colleagues were also very helpful in this time too – Ola Teresa, hi Callum!) STA Travel are also very good for travel advice and packing tips etc.

Anyway, it’s 17 days till I make my first solo cross-Atlantic trip. Within this time I have a lot going on too. For example, my last week at work, moving back home, moving out again to my new flat in Glasgow and then finally unpacking and repacking for Canada. Everything is sorted so far. It’s an exciting time!

Where are you all off to next?


Author: Kirsty

24, severe wanderlust

3 thoughts on “Next stop?”

    1. ha, yeah i think my mum is about at her wits end not knowing where i am half the time haha. it’ll be around saskatoon/calgary. ironing out some details, ya know. x

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