In lieu of Ian Duncan Smith’s £53 a week budget challenge, I thought about putting some of my own expenditures to the test. Last Thursday I decided to try not to spend any money at all. And this is my experience thus far.

I’d note that this is not through poverty of self deprivation. I’ve eaten at least two meals a day, everyday (I’m not great at remembering food at the best of times)  along with having variety and even some luxuries.

In terms of non edible items, this week someone left me a book – The Virgin and the Gypsy, short stories by DH Lawrence. I’ve also managed to score a Scotland rugby hoodie, two snoods and a pair of sunglasses. Estimated total (roughly researched from Ebay) £67. Food-wise I’ve made pizza baguettes from scratch (twice), different types of pasta and salads. An abundance of cereal, coke, fruit juice and ham. Endless rolls. Condiments. Oven chips. I’ve even managed to get tipsy from some beers people left. I got a free shot.

I’ll admit, I have spent maybe 10 EUR this week. I bought a some cheese, an earring and two bottles of beer.

That’s maybe me saving 40 odd EUR a week, on walking to where I need to be, being clever with food and not drinking. I didn’t need a new earring – just to clarify I do only have one ear pierced, curses 17 year old me! I also didn’t need cheese or beer. I have lived an entire week without spending more than 10 EUR and I’m pretty proud of myself!

However, I don’t need to do this, fortunately. But sometimes it’s nice to remind yourself that you can. Tonight I’m going to the cinema with Kevin and I’m gonna get sushi and maybe even a glass of wine and I’m gonna have fun.

I swear I’ll post something more interesting soon. I had a lovely week with my good friends from back home that I have just not documented yet. Watch this space!


Author: Kirsty

24, severe wanderlust

4 thoughts on “Freeganism”

  1. Great challenge! First, congrats. That seems a lot harder to do than you’re describing. The pizza baguettes from scratch is pretty creative too…maybe you’ll be able to use this story in an interview one day!

    1. Haha! Thanks, it’s certainly a nice idea. It’s pretty easy, people leave a lot of stuff here, you just have to look in the right places 😛

  2. Only 10 euros in a week?? That’s amazing! Think you’ll try this again for a longer period of time?

    Also, just wanted to let you know that we shared this on our social media today, cheers!

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