One month in.

I’ve not felt much like blogging recently. I’ve been too busy being a lifer, which is fun but exhausting.

DSCN1326Kevin and I went out on Thursday. It was Spanish night, so I obviously got a Spanish flag painted on my face and stole a Spanish flag from the wall. It’s now my privacy barrier to my dorm. It confuses people.

The day after will forever be known as my most second hand emotionally draining day. My emotions personally weren’t being drained, but Kevin was in some sort of whirlwind.

Either way, we ended up in Oriente (my new favourite place in Lisbon.) We went to go to a Japanese restaurant. I taught Kevin how to use chop sticks then we went on these things. I swear, the mix of languages I’ve been speaking this week has pushed any English vocabulary out of my head. The sky trains? What are they called… Either way, it was a beautiful day, in the end. And despite the emotional start to the day look how happy the ride made us. 


And to think it only took an enormous meal and  a litre or two of beer to forget how hectic it all was.

This week has been different. I’ve been speaking a lot of French (which I don’t really speak) and load of English and Spanish and little to no Portuguese. I’m gonna have to make more of an effort to do so, so my boss is gonna give me some things to translate for the website and the hostel from English to Portuguese so I can practise writing more. Which is always good. I’ve been thinking about getting a paid job maybe doing PR so that I can make a bit of money for travelling once I’m done here. But we’ll see how it goes. I’ve got the travel itch really badly and to fund my addiction I need money. 

This weekend was great, if surreal. I met a bunch of lovely people, who I know I’ll stay in touch with. Or hope I do at least. I was serenaded by an Italian whilst walking along the street with a friend. Possibly the most romantic moment of my life.

DSCN1343It’s funny how different Lisbon is to where I’m from. Take this for example. Taken whilst eating out (when am I ever doing anything else?) I’m honestly clueless about what was going on. But here is a Portuguese fireman scaling the world’s smallest ladder to tap on a window. 

And what happened after will confuse me for life probably. There was a fire truck, but no fire. There were fireman, but no fire. There were police, but no criminals. They had cornered off the street, for some unknown reason. A man was denied exit of the building. Then there was a smashing of windows. I’m a big ole’ rubber neck, so obviously I was right there.DSCN1345 They had broken into someone’s apartment. Reasons are still unclear…

Chestnut vendor woman was loving it because people were buying chestnuts like people buy popcorn at the cinema. I really wish I knew what had happened. But I guess it’s one of Lisbon’s mysteries.

Another mystery which is becoming more prominent. My nationality. People keep suggesting I’m North American, as I’ve mentioned before. But today in the shop I got my weirdest one yet. 

“You are very beautiful. Where you from?”
“Thanks, I’m from Scotland”
“Ah yes, I hear all the German girls are very beautiful.”

I am the enigma. And speaking of enigmas take a gander at this trippy sink in Oriente. DSCN1327

Batteries, film rolls, plugs and taps. What is this thing?!

Anyway, I’m over and “oot.” It’s been an exhaustingly fun long weekend, with work interspersed. I’m gonna browse edreams and find cheap flights for summer. 


Author: Kirsty

24, severe wanderlust

2 thoughts on “One month in.”

  1. I’ve always been interested in learning Portuguese and know Spanish fairly well…there are a lot of similarities right?

  2. Umm, no not really I’m afraid!! The thing about Spanish is that it’s phonetic, which is why a lot of English speakers find it quite easy to pick up. While Portuguese reads the same as Spanish (nearly) the sounds that come from words are completely different. It sounds kind of Russian or Chinese. There are a lot of different words for things, such as comboio instead of the Spanish tren (train), ligar, which means to flirt or score in Spanish means to call someone on the phone in Portuguese, then there’s little quirks like PUXE (pronounced “push”) actually means to pull. But I think it’s pretty easy to pick up – you should give it a go at least! 🙂

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