Closer to home?

I’ve been trusted with St Patrick’s Day celebrations. I’m going to assume it’s because I’m “celtic” (the nationality, not the football team…) rather than people genuinely believe I’m Irish. Though I’m sure that’s not the case.

Either way, I have been trusted to make an Irish Stew… I can almost here my parents and former flatmates laughing because I either do not cook or cannot cook. There is a first time for everything, and my first time at making an Irish Stew will be for about 90 strangers. If any have signed up. We came up with a menu for 6.50EUR which is bread, Irish Stew and a Guinness. Yes, I sourced Guinness. Just hand me my Tourism Masters now please. We made fliers and I really want to get chocolate coins to put on reception for guests but we’ll see how that goes. There is also a tiny cocktail called a Purple Velvet, which is Port and Guinness which I thought would be nice to sell as it’s sort of a combination of both cultures. However one of the staff doesn’t want to ruin Port and the other doesn’t want to ruin Guinness (me…)

So I’ve been getting back in touch with my homeland in more ways than one this week.Me.... Not only in Paddy’s Day celebrations but also in proximity. I decided to change my days off to get some practise checking in groups – we have three coming today, and I also felt like I couldn’t really ditch my colleagues to deal with many many groups when I could just easily change my day off. Kind soul that I am… Anyway for Kirsty’s Treasured Days off Work I decided to go to Cabo da Roca, which is the most Westerly point of continental Europe. It took so long to get there but it really was worth it. I got a bit worried on the bus from Sintra because there was nobody on the bus, and at one point it was only me! I felt like for a tourist destination there would be much more people. But hey! Quiet buses are often the best buses.

By the time I got to Cabo da Roca (Cape Rock, essentially) it was blisteringly sunny. As you can see from the photographs. DSCN1311This meant that everyone and their stylist was there snapping away so I decided (being the complete idiot that I am) to take the road less travelled by. The thing about these roads is that there is often a very good reason why they are less travelled by and the reason was this cliff face that you can see to the left.

It may not look like much, but believe me, the descent was about 8 times harder than the ascent, and THAT is how you know it’s a big cliff. It was so windy that I almost resigned myself to death a couple of times, but I’m made of strong stuff. I have suffered worse winds.

(also mum, I realise you are probably freaking out about me walking down this cliff so I assure you there a very helpful TROOP of Sherpas with goats who had spare blankets and I was wearing a high-vis vest and a whistle….)

I’m going to leave you with an image and a small video that I am laughing my head off at.DSCN1304 Where is my accent? Why is it so windy? Since when did my face look like that? So many questions. Basically I was trying to do a panoramic shot of this place because it really is beautiful but my camera was just not doing it justice. So I made a cringe video. Bare with me. They will probably improve. I think I just need longer arms….


Click here for the video. My poorly edited, badly planned, impromptu video…

Also! Slipped my mind. We had a gig here in the hostel. O Manipulador. Look him up, he was pretty good! And this week I got to sample Pasteis de Belem, without even going there! So a big thank you to Kris for those. It’s true, they are completely different to the other ones. So tasty.


Author: Kirsty

24, severe wanderlust

3 thoughts on “Closer to home?”

  1. It’s tomorrow! Good luck, let us know how the cooking and dinner turn out 😀 The scenery and water look incredible in your video, btw

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