First day of my new job.

Today I did two things for the first time.

  1. Made coffee with a percolator* – I’m British and I drink tea.
  2. Made breakfast for 76 people.

I won’t lie, it was pretty busy but I quite liked it. I was a cleaner in a hospital before so cleaning and stuff doesn’t bother me. Unless it’s of my own will in my own flat and then I really can’t be bothered… 

Today I was working from eight until two, which would have been A-OK, it was my friend here’s 21st birthday and there was a free bar. That’s all I’m gonna say but tipsy Kirsty turned off her alarm so woke up with about 20 minutes to spare…

DSCN1146Kevin, or as he’s asked me to refer to him “the sexiest person I know…” and I went out to Reset bar. It was 15 euros in total to get in and, as mentioned before, a free bar. Carnage. But on your 21st your allowed a bit of carnage.

Working in the morning was fine. The programme we use here is going to take a little bit of getting used to but it was great fun chatting to all the guests. On and we have 97% for our staff, so you have to chat to guests and make them feel welcome. But you get to meet some interesting characters. Today, a singing troupe on tour in desperate need of a hostel due to a an extra gig date, an American visiting friends and a Polish guy who was doing a tour of Portugal. 

When I worked in Spain I was mistaken for Irish, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, American, Italian, French and just about everything other than Scottish. Here so far I have had Spanish, and Brazilian! Guess my Portuguese isn’t too bad, I just need to work on the nasal-ness (is that a word? Nasality?) of it. Today a co-worker tried to teach me the proper way to say “não”. For those of you in the English-speaking world say now and hold your nose. Perfect Portuguese guys – well done!!

After my shift I completely crashed out. I’m planning to not do that everyday but it’s been a while since I had to do any work not through choice after a night out. So that will get better. Some of the girls in my room have asked me to go out with them tonight but I really am too tired. You meet some lovely people whilst travelling. A guy from the Wild-Walkers is stopping by for a chat tomorrow before work. Which is nice as I was a little afraid that bar Kevin and the people I work with any friendships I make will be very temporary.

Anyways, I’ve bored you all enough here! Boa Noite!! 

I heard multiple people expressing their opinions on my coffee. It kind of sounded like the noises that people make when a child shows them a drawing they’ve done and you have no idea what it is of.


Author: Kirsty

24, severe wanderlust

10 thoughts on “First day of my new job.”

  1. I was going to reply to your other comment but it’s more appropriate to post here. Working in a hostel — very cool! That’s on my “travel bucket list” 🙂 So I’m really looking forward to reading about the experience! How did you find the position?

    1. So far so good thank you! I went through an agency but they wanted to charge me some for a “finders fee” so I looked up each one independently until I found one I liked. You should try it! It’s great fun meeting everyone!

  2. Made breakfast for that many people? I call that impressive!! How do you like Portugal thus far? The weather must be a big improvement 🙂

    1. Thanks!! Today it was 86, I think it’s just going to get more and more as the season goes on! I’m liking it! The language is quite hard I’ll admit but it’s much better weather, you’re right there!

  3. Did you say the word “awesome”? Because that’s how so many people get mistaken for American lol sounds like a good first day!

    1. Haha!! Weirdly I do say that but no, I think my accent is fairly hard to place because I don’t really sound that Scottish in my opinion. And thank you! It wasn’t too terrifying!

  4. I just saw this through the SGG twitter account – what a well written post! Hopefully you don’t have to make breakfast for that many people too often 🙂

    1. Thank you very much!! Unfortunately I think that might be the case. However, I’m on afternoons now so no breakfast! 😀 where are you? x

  5. Great post, we shared this on our social media pages today! 🙂 Do you work every day or do you get some days off? What has been the hardest thing about working in a hostel so far?

  6. Thanks!! Much appreciated! I work 6 days a week. I’m trying to ask for holidays to go travelling so we’ll see how that goes! So far the hardest thing is that I live here as well, so I feel like I’m always “on” if that makes sense. But it’s a great experience – so many people have great stories!

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